Friday, July 10, 2009


The Annual Nakuru ASK Showground opened it gates once again to exhibit the fairest faces of services that Agriculture and other sectors have to offer. Agricultural parading of domestic animals and plants still gave the event its uniqueness and originality. In the arena, the various force bands e.g. National Youth Service, Prisons, Administration Police, Military Police kept the audience entertained with band songs and well rehearsed March. Apart from the forces, various groups also staged their comedies, dances, and acrobats. Among those groups were Repacted’s Uprising comedians and Sawwa Dancers.

Repacted were also the main mobilizers in the National Aids Control Council stand with their Magnet Theatre Performance pushing to popularize the VCTs and encourage the Audience to get tested and know their status. Other Groups that were mobilizing were Makry Group Kenya, Tears Group Kenya, Squash it, BIG and Genesis Arts Theatre.

Repacted’s SAWWA dancers took the opportunity to promote their upcoming show ‘the floating calabash’ which is set for 25th and 26th July, 2009. They did this by entertaining on various stands which welcomed their performance.these stands included K.C.C., Safaricom and Coca cola stands among others who were conducting promotions for their products.Their fans enjoyed the energized performances by the SAWWA Dancers and promised to buy tickets once they were out.

On Friday the H2O crew hosted the evening’s concert with performances from various Kenyan celebrities such as Meja, Wakimbizi, Lil Petro and others who left the crowd yearning for more.
At the end of the event it was a success but all the tr5aditional fans from their child could not help admit that they missed the parading of the parachutes and jets that used to fly by the arena.

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