Friday, July 10, 2009

The Great Rift 10 Aside

30th and 31st of may Saw Kenya’s biggest rugby teams clash and exhibit strength and power on the pitch as the great right ten aside tournament went down at the NAC grounds in Nakuru. Teams that attended were Mwamba, Impala, Mean Machine Nakuru 1(mnyore) and Nakuru 2 amongst others.

After the various stages the teams that made it to the finals were impala and Strathmore which had initially knocked out the home favour after a hard game with room for only one try. As it happened, Strathmore came out strong to scoop the tournaments trophy.

The tournament regained pomp, glamour and elegance as the fans, showed off their stylish vehicles with big Kenyan celebrities attending the event such as Hip Hop Artists ‘Wakamba Wawili’ and Talia Oyando among others Repacted Kenyans in conjunction with Aphia II were present to mobilize and promote the V.C.T. services and encourage people to be tested for HIV and thereby knowing their status.

It was another great 10 Aside Tournament that left people yearning for next years event.

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