Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corruption & Global Warming

The fight against global warming is as important as the fight against the corruption in fact it global warming depends on extinction of corruption in the third world countries.

If the saying “lets cross the bridge when we come to it is anything to go by the African content and and the world at large are at that all crucial bridge. Just months away from all important the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen talks of the African call for compensation from the west to cover for its level of green house gas emission fill in the air the important question remains until now what have most of these African governments done to avert the situation which seems to deteriorate with every single day.
The main issues deliberated on include the role of lawmakers on climate change, legislative approaches and the economic impact of climate change among others. It goes without saying that legislation are critical in this fight but its in its implementation that worries me the Aberdare Ranges which is the water catchments for lake Elementaita in Naivasha which is dried up and lake Nakuru which has its catchments at dilapidated Mau forest which has been at the center controversy dividing the Kenyan political leaders on the issue of moving out the inhabitants to the point of cutting selfish political deals that would sustain their political future.

I do not deny that these African countries do deserve the compensation but recognize the huge problem that remains with the current situation and I fully blame it on corrupting because even after the legislation the implementers might easily be swayed by two hundred shilling at the expense of punishing the wrong doer.

The policies governing the environment just as important as any law and in their enforcement the government and its leaders fall short of what is important as they would rather take a small token of appreciation to excuse the misconduct. Unless we establish a tradition that will make the admistrators and law enforcer feel that the protection of the environment is of importance and hence prevent its deploration passionately the fight in developing worlds remain a jog on the spot that never leaves the mouths of our leaders and the media has some drama that they are willing to air for as long as they can until another hot story comes along that they can shift their focus to.