Wednesday, February 18, 2009


These is the only single biggest movement that allows youths to explore their creative minds independent of class rooms and allow them to learn from the society and speak philosophies that have proven to teach more than most educational systems and syllabus teach. the only way any one is ever going to compete with hihop is if they provide a stage or forum for young people to speak freely and truely about our systems of educations, politics and society cos at the end we spend most of our time in class chasing the ROAD RUNNER and when we graduate we find our selves at the beggining with papers that amount to nothing. Then we start looking for what has all along been important that is SKILLS, otherwise you'll die a poor man satsified with nothing. Its because of these that I am forced to agree with the argument of dalc’s head of missions that in the near future there may actually be no schools these artist and the culture of their music may be the only people able to lead and mislead the youth. we face the truth that It’s only in their lyrics that youths will find hope and understanding in whatever harsh realities they face and they can therefore relate with what life has to offer. For that “keep the fire burnin”.
Quotes: ‘stay true to who you are and where it is that you came from coz at the top will be the same place you from’ Nas young Jeezy’s my president is black
(who says hip-hop is all noise, stop hearing and start listening)