Thursday, July 16, 2009

'captive' The Movie Project

Captive is a screenplay of a short film that fictionally poses a question on the fate and security of orphaned children. It followed the protagonist, a young man in his early twenties who regains consciousness in an unfamiliar, noisy, busy bus terminus.He is confused and bedraggled as his face show line of desperation as he tries to recollect himself.

It becomes apparent that he is suffering from a temporary amnesia and with recurring pounding headache makes it unbearable for him.He seeks help from the people in his immediate surrounding but they are apparently unhelpful as perceive him in one way or the other as either a beggar a conman or lazy person.
As he seeks to uncover the mystery behind his identity and the eventful state that he’s in, he becomes entangled in discoveries that that put him in a dilemma.

I have written the screenplay and together with REPACTED-Kenya, we would like to make the project a reality. The REPACTED-Kenya Members are ready to participate as the cast in the production together with other various members of the Nakuru Players Theater. We and the cast will take care of costumes and props needed and I have already raised kshs. 10,000/= to cater for this.

REPACTED-Kenya as an upcoming organization is willing to pay the cast transport allowance and meals allowance.

It is our wish to give it an international standard in order to market the product and in our quest we would like to work with professional production houses in the country. Its obviously expensive but it is our opinion it would be more expensive to do the production the any other way as it may end up in our cupboards with no demand for distribution. We would appreciate any contributions to make this project a reality.

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  1. Sounds intriguing ! I look forward to reading more on your project, perhaps if I make it up to Nakuru again you could let me take a look at the screenplay?