Friday, April 24, 2009

magnet theatre

magnet theater is a form of community theater that is audience specific, venue specific and seeks to maintain a repeat audience. The activity uses music dance and puppetry to mobilize people a given site in a magnetic manner hence the name. after the mobilization a short skit is done targeting specific behaviors in the community which presents a dilemma for the purpose of provoking them to give their opinions on the issue at hand, then a facilitator comes in to co-ordinate the audience views. The facilitators aim is to mediate the discussion and whatever comes out of the discussion his/her opinion are not welcome.magnet theater runs under the assumption that the community has its own problems and provides its own solutions to the problems. Repacted Kenya is one such organization that i work with going to various communities within Nakuru each week tackling health issues, peace and reconciliation and other issues that may arise.

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